PALXO’s (also maybe referred as "We", "Us", "Company") continually try to improve your user experience by giving you the best services and products that you expect. To make your journey with PALXO’s better, we have written and drafted Privacy Policy that will not only protect your rights but also ensure that we are transparent in our dealings from the beginning. We respect You or the User deeply and hence want to express our commitment in guarding your privacy through well elaborated privacy policy or norms. The primary objective of devising the Privacy Policy is to let you know

  • Information You give us or choose to give us or Information we collect about you
  • Information we get from third parties
  • Information we collect whilst using our Services

We greatly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy minutely to understand it better. It will make it easier to use our Services and Products and will not leave any dilemma in Your Mind. Our Privacy policy governs not only our Website but also our mobile applications built for Android App and iOS App that can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store respectively. By choosing to use our services and products you are accepting to adhere to our Privacy policy norms.

After reading the privacy policy, if you still have any queries, kindly send an email to and we will ensure that we answer all or any question that may arise.

Information you give us or choose to give us or Information we collect About You

The basic information that is required to access or open any account is:

  • Name of the User
  • Nickname or Display Name
  • Email Address
  • City of Residence
  • Phone Number (Which may be optional)

This is the also referred as User Personal Information that is required or mandatory to be filled while creating a new log in with PALXO’s. You may also choose to log in from your Facebook account, wherein your personal information may be accessed only by the said application. You can alternatively also add your picture to relate with your account. We retain this data in the application with your permission. In case you choose not to agree to our Privacy Policy, then you can choose to not create any account with us, as per your wish. If you transact any financial business with us, you may need to provide us with your debit card or credit card number, which will be restricted to one time use with a specific time limit to utilize it. All information gathered on the website-mobile application or through the applications is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any participants, users or the company as well. You may choose to add photos or pictures in your user ID and can give public or private access to your friends or acquaintances as per your wish. You may also choose to provide us with more information about you like gender, personal description, age, location, and status as well as family details. If you choose to message or chat with our other PALXO’s Users, you give us the right to access the content of your chats. When you go via a Customer Service representative with any sort of problem or trouble with your current account, you give us the right to access that information as well, at any point in time.

Information we get or collect from other sources will also fall under the same conditions as mentioned above. PALXO’s is an independent website-mobile application designed to give you access to meet new people from all fields, around India and the world. If you choose to log in through Facebook, We have the right to access that information, however, ensuring that we or the company does not make it public or violate your trust in anyway, we will be utmost careful in ensuring that the information that you choose to share is the only information we use and collect.

Information we get or collect from Third Parties:

We may save information that other users give about you when they use our products and services. Such as, if another user permits us to gather information from their device phonebook—and if you are present as one of that user’s contacts—we may merge the information we gather from that user’s phonebook with other information we have collected about you. We may also acquire information from other set of companies that are owned or operated by us, or any other third-party sources, and combine that with the information we gather through our services.

We do understand there is always a trepidation in your mind as to what do we do when we collect information about you through different channels and our services. Well the answer to that is fairly simple, as we work tirelessly to improve our products and services, to give you a heightened user experience. This only works for the betterment of our website-mobile application and the way you navigate through our website-mobile application without any hassles or problems. Few things that we also do are listed as below:

  1. Increase the efficiency of our services to improve and deliver a better product to you
  2. Monitor the usage of the users minute by minute
  3. Strive to personalize the services we present to you by giving you options to connect with other fellow members by analysing your tastes and preferences, show you advertisements that are relevant to the searches you carry out, suggest improvements in your profile information
  4. Update and upgrade the security of our services in turn providing you with a safe and protected platform to interact with fellow members and friends
  5. Ensure to verify your personal information and ID when you log in so that we can keep a tab on whether there has been a hack or any illegal activity being carried out by your ID
  6. Utilise the information we have gathered through different cookies or sources that will only help in creating a better environment for you to work in
  7. Make sure that our Terms and Conditions and other policies are well read and being followed by everyone who is part of our Website
  8. We also store information restricted to your handset or device as well. We may store the information as cache that will help you access the your content faster

Information Sharing

Since we have a long list of members who are part of PALXO’s community and use the website-mobile application diligently, we may also share your information with them in the following ways:

  1. All information that has been consented to be shared with the public and other users is the only information we will share such as username and profile name, display pictures, email ID, etc.
  2. We may also suggest pages for your reference that will help you access more information on the platform and the internet
  3. Suggest common friends when a friend request comes in so that you are not totally left in the blind to understand whether the person you know if a mutual friend or a completely new person you don’t know
  4. If you have given access to your phonebook in your device then we may also suggest friend requests from there to connect you better on PALXO
  5. Any content or image or video that you have posted on PALXO that has been given a public display access will be and may be shared with other users. There is a lot of information that you may choose to not disclose to anyone by adjusting your privacy settings in the application or website
  6. We may also disclose information about you with third parties if there is any legal reason involved such as any government rule and regulation, any violation in terms of use of service, to protect the rights and safety of other users if your usage is found to be harmful in anyway, any fraudulent activities that are being carried out through log in ID and is found to breach the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the application or website.
  7. Although we are an independent working website and application however, if there is any possibility of a merger or acquisition in the future of our products and services, then we will share your information with the acquiring company or companies.

Any information you personally select to share with third party or parties

It is always advisable to be precautious in your dealings with any third party or parties that are involved with you directly or indirectly. You have to understand that the information that you share, they collect and you choose to divulge is purely your responsibility. It is always best to read the privacy policies and terms and conditions of any third party or parties, vendors, before giving any personal information to them. Even if the third party is approached whilst using our services, it is always best to vet the information and the vendor or agency or website before proceeding with giving them information and thereby access to your personal profile. Any interaction you choose or should choose to have with third parties is at your own accord and not ours.

Longevity of your content and its use in the future

Content of information covers a wide spectrum of data that is collected from every PALXO’s user over the time you are involved using our services. We maintain and staunchly advocate that we disable any and all content, post, video, chat or message that you have had, once we detect that your account has been disabled, or if there has been a breach in trust in anyway.

Kindly bear in mind that although we have strict disabling protocols however any of our associates, if any, or any third party may have different protocols to disable your content and information once you have chosen to cease using our services. You would need to check and administer your ID to understand that your information has been disabled from all sources that you would want it to be disables from. Users of the application can save the content using any methods and means to save the information such as screen-shots, PDF files, snapshots, etc. You should also understand that sometimes we may retain some part of your information as a back-up for a limited time frame and the same may take time to get disabled completely from our systems and servers for a certain time frame or as demanded by law of the land.

Your Information- Your Control

Everyone wants to be in control of his / her information, especially one provided over the internet. There are ways to control your information, tools and methods that we provide you with, which are mentioned below:

  1. You can choose to edit or update your information anytime you want through the settings option in your App. However, if you wish to update some information that we have and which cannot be updated by you, you can contact us and we will do that needful in a short time. However, if the requests are found to be repetitive, we will take the stand to verify the information and the user ID at our discretion. You can simply send an email to our team and they will carry out the request however it is advisable to not send repeated requests for edits and access as we can then either disable or revoke your account and all its details. If there is more time required to update any of your information or access certain information in your entire profile we will inform you accordingly.
  2. Your membership and experience as a user is very critical and important to us. In case you decide to disable your account for any reason, you may simply go to the Settings page and disable your account from PALXO’s. You will be given a time frame to restore your account in case you change your mind and return to the platform. However after the expiry of the particular period your details and all information will be permanently disabled from the system and our network. In the meantime, your information will not be disclosed or visible to any other user of PALXO’s.
  3. You can change your permissions limit by clicking on the Settings page and un-checking all the options that you have given permission to such as location, camera, phonebook, etc.
  4. Communication with any person is a vital part of living. To ease communication, you can edit the type of information or posts you want visible on your profile. You can choose to make communication such as posts, videos, images, etc. private by going through the settings option.


Although we have a stringent policy that guides our very being and protects your information, there are certain times we may give access to other companies to use their web signals, tracking technologies, etc. on our services. When you access any online page/screen, the company or the organization is interested to know what you are browsing, what your preferences are and where do you spend the maximum time while using PALXO’s. To draw conclusions, track their popularity and to understand your online presence, we give permission to other companies to use their cookies and data. Some of the tracking is very advertisement specific and will be done so by third party vendors. We are neutral to such requests but lest assured you privacy information will not be breached at any cost.


We do not encourage anybody below the age limit of 18 to participate and be a member of PALXO’s. It is mandatory to be 18 to be able to create an account with us and we do not in any way encourage adolescents below this age limit to create an account or participate in any promotional activity carried by PALXO’s on its home site or other similar sites.

It is important to bear in mind that although we have listed a detailed policy mandate, it is upto our discretion to revise the privacy policy from time to time. Hence, we sincerely urge you to read the privacy policy before signing up for our services through a mobile application or through a desktop / laptop.